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How Raj IAS Online Courses Help You?
Grasp on Concepts
We give due attention to every single concept and give it the required time to make sure everything is understood by you well and nothing is rushed at all!
We do not charge irrationally. Our pricing is precise, rational and makes the learning process even better by not putting a dent on your pocket!
Learn Anytime and any number of times!
You can watch the classes any number of time and at any time! No Limits no boundations. All flexibility for your learning belongs to you.
Unlimited Doubt Support
Individual Guidance - Experts available online, will guide you through various stage of exam, you can ask doubts personally

Videos right from the Classroom!
We give you exactly what is coming out from our Classrooms! The classes are comprehensive, insightful and you get the feeling of coaching right at your home!
Learn fast & Save Time
Instant Doubt Clearance Support - Ask your doubt online, makes you to learn fast, No wait, No time waste
Meet Your Mentor
Having produced more than 500 civil servants at our Offline centre, Raj Malhotra's IAS is launching its online education wing to offer the best online coaching coming directly from our Offline center! Get exemplary education at your fingertips and learn from the best resources available!
About Us
The UPSC exam is generally considered the hardest in the world. Over 500,000 candidates apply each year and compete for less than a thousand seats. That is 0.2% success rate. With odds like that an IAS aspirant needs the best guidance possible. And this is exactly what Raj Malhotra's IAS (One of the leading IAS Coaching Institutes) has envisioned.

The team behind this endeavor is a combination of experience and youth. Although Raj Malhotra has 18 years of teaching experience, what really matters is that the quality of his mentor ship has allowed literally hundreds of students to crack this exam and become high ranking IAS, IPS and IRS officers. The core team s youth and contemporary understanding of the UPSC exam is intended to compliment the experience of Mr. Raj Malhotra.
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Email: techsupport@rajiasacademy.com

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